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Monday, 07 March 2005 19:15

Statler and Waldorf
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Statler and Waldorf first came to the attention of the wider Australian audience in 2004 with their successful single Bass Buffer from the acclaimed “Collusions” EP. Since that introduction Statler and Waldorf have maintained their momentum with powerful live performances alongside some of the country’s biggest local and touring acts, working relentlessly to redefine the entrenched boundaries of electronic and dance music.

Gascoigne (Vox + Synths) and Hede (Ableton/FX) fuse a multitude of electronic styles including breaks, trance and acid with other genres such as rock, punk and hip hop to generate a sound unmistakably their own. Billed for shows with acts as divers as Infusion and Spiderbait, and with their performance at the Big Day Out boiler room broadcast on JJJ, Statler and Waldorf’s power and energy has established them as one of the country’s premier live dance acts.

The national radio hit Bass Buffer’s high rotation on JJJ, FBI, RRR and other local stations heralded the release of the 2004 EP “Collusions” (Freefall Records) which featured the vocals of Paul Kelly, Miss Brown and Blue MC. “Collusions” represented a gentler version of the S&W sound on account of the influences of their guests, a restriction not found on the debut full length album, AndroNovaVirus.

The release of the debut album AndroNovaVirus in October 2005 combines the intensity and energy of Statler and Waldorf’s live shows with the edgy production synonymous with the S&W brand. The album includes the singles “Duck and Cover” and “The Resistance”, and the club remix of Sarah Blasko’s “Don't U Eva”. The Duck ‘n Cover single / film clip will be released October.

Entering into another beautiful Australian summer, Statler and Waldorf also maintain their live performance schedules with appearances at Parklife, Earthcore and the Amnesty Freefall Festival and more yet to be announced.

While recording AndroNovaVirus Statler and Waldorf also started another project, teaming up with Chanel Cole and Daniel Belle - finalists in 'that TV show' last year. The down tempo grooves have been compiled into the beautiful album “The Dusk Sessions”, also to be released in October. The collaboration has become known as “Spook” with live performances expected late 2005.

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